August 2, 2009

Just type!

Yeah, long time since I made an entry... so whatever, not gonna come up with any fancy formatting, just TYPE things! I have also been lax the last week or so with my Japanese study/enjoyment... well no more. No more planning to do things, just do them!

Alright so, watched a couple of movies that I had been meaning to watch. Verdicts:

Nightmare on Elm Street. Entertaining, real campy stuff, obviously not scary at all, not unless you are 8 years old I guess....

Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Atrocious movie to watch... not because of the violence but because it was not just boring beyond belief to watch, but also because ( at least to me ) it was actually really irritating and annoying. Everyone got on my nerves, but none more so than the wheelchair guy, every time he said anything I wanted to punch him. Plus, on top of the horrible acting, the characters did things that made absolutely no sense, but not even in the classic movie "stuff happens to further the story" kind of way. Nope, they just did things randomly... who knows... I have no idea how this movie has become a slasher classic... moving on.

Finished Final Fantasy XII!!!.... Fantastic game. Did not feel like an FF game at all though, and I did feel kind of cheated that there really is no way to do any stat maxing or anything, not to the scale of FFX. Replayed Gradius III for the SNES real quick, my fav shmup.

For my next gaming fix it was going to be ICO, well.... I really really want to love the game, but I kind of find myself being bored by it.... oh well, will give it another go.... later. Going to play through FF X-2 eventually but for now, something more actiony and totally PC based (tired of emulation stuff) So I am finally going to finish playing HL2! and obviously Ep1 and 2. Like this I am all caught up. Maybe play through Doom 3 /Halo 1 & 2 ( no 3 for me, not until I get a hold of a 360 ).

..... just type!!! What a revelation!

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