May 8, 2009

Another day of badass gaming... two player style!

Today I continued playing some Co-op Gears of War ( Loved this game when I played single player... with two people it is double the fun ). At the moment I can't continue playing FFXII because my save game is temporarly unavailable.... withdrawal is setting in... I need to play some RPG but don't want to start another long game at the moment.

Hellgate: London was promising with its Diablo likeness (at least till the real deal comes out I am going to have to make due) but it turns out that co-op play is a no go.... too bad really.

On a sad note: RIP Life, you were cut down in your prime, as Crews would say: "I am not attached to this show, I am NOT attached to this show.... well, maybe just a little."

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